Start off slowly with shorter needles and work your way up
Disinfect before and after the procedure – dunk your roller’s head in a glass of rubbing alcohol for a full hour (simply spraying it will not erase all the bacteria and hot water may damage your needles and roller)
Disinfect your face as well prior to the procedure with rubbing alcohol
Apply numbing cream if the needle is bigger than 0.5mm
Use your roller in a star pattern, five times in each direction – 5 times vertically, 5 times horizontally, 5 times diagonally each inclination; and make sure to always lift up your roller each time so the needle won’t be insisting in the same “micro-hole” over and over again
Be careful with the products you apply afterwards – you should avoid products with strong and irritant active ingredients (avoid essential oils, acids, retinol or retinol-type ingredients, highly fragranced formulas and/or comedogenic ingredients)
Apply gentle and calming products for hyper sensitive skin types


Attempt dermarolling if you’re on the following medication:
(ro)accutane / isotetrinoine
antibiotics or penicillin
drugs for high blood pressure
any medication that may increase skin sensitivity
drugs that decrease healing
drugs that cause hyper or hypopigmentation